Top 10 Tips to Selling Your Home

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Top Tips To Selling Your Home

Price it right from the start

These topics can be one of the single most important factors in selling your home really fast. Most people have an emotional attachment to their home and as you live in the home you do not necessarily see the issues that a fresh point of view might have an objective point of view in looking at your property.

Make sure you get realistic comparables

Looking at what similar homes in a similar age and size can be very helpful in making decisions on when and how much to sell for. Taking a critical look at the shape your home is in and how old things like the roof, windows and doors should also be taken into consideration.

Enhance your curb appeal

Mowing the lawn is a chore but heck if it gets some one interested in buying your home its well worth it, sometimes a but of flower planting and even a fresh coat of paint on the front door is all it takes for that right person to buy your home.

Update the interior and exterior

Some times the old saying "add a bit of lipstick and earrings to the old lady" helps. if all you need to do is spend a few hours painting, why not what do you have to loose, umm maybe the house!

Clean Declutter

Well you know its a pain in the butt, but heck, that treadmill that seemed like a good idea situated beside the fridge 3 years ago likely makes the home look cramped not cozy. Decluttering and putting items in storage or purging is highly recommended to get the best appeal showing on your home for sale.


No one likes to see pictures of grandmas Etsel or you and all your kids on a tour. They want to envision themselves living in the home and removing all your personality can help let them do just that!

Stage the house to maximize appeal

This is one of the most critical things in making your home sale able, people need to envision what the home will look like, if that means getting rid of that extra portable closet and positioning everything for maximum visual appeal its worth it.

Make the property easy and accessible to show

Some times its as simple as being the right home at the right moment. The prospect person needs to buy a house right away and you were not available to let someone in to look or show the home, and they moved on.

Remove any pets

There can be many varying factors as to what people think about you having a pet in the home, from allergies to some one who has a germ phobia or maybe they just can smell the home and all they smell is little whiskers litter. Its best to make a good first impression and having a no pets or smells is a great first start.

Have good Photos to represent the home

Your pictures are a quick elevator pitch to that person looking online for a home to buy.. it could be the lighting the colors or how you staged the home in the picture, but like they say pictures are worth a thousand words.

Sell to us! 

Just joking if we can help you in any way we believe in good karma! we hope these tips help you in your journey in selling your property!






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